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How to Follow Up a Life Insurance Claim

Date Added: November 10, 2012 03:13:39 PM
Author: admin
Category: Finance
Many people may have life insurance but few beneficiaries in point of fact know what the procedure to claim compensation and are more reliant on the insurance company to guide them. This could be termed as the insurance policy buyers fault since many will ask on their own rather than taking the beneficiary to the life insurance along to the company to be explained. More men have been noted to be the bread winners thus making them take more life insurance then women with many women being noted to be ignorant towards the process required to claim life insurance.
Below is a detailed process that must be learned regarding life insurance claim:
  • Involvement:
Since both people seeking life insurance are married it is important that both parties be involved get involve in the process from the very first step. The beneficiary also needs to come to terms with risk management so as to have a good idea of what should be expected when the claim requires to be made. To the insured just taking home a policy may not be enough and they need to enthusiastically involve the beneficiary.
  • Understanding the process:
It is very important that the beneficiary come to terms with the situation since without suitably accepting the situation one could find themselves in shock and disorientation due to a partner’s death. The beneficiary must learn what is required and when it must be done, many life insurance companies will require the beneficiary to report the death of an insured person within a certain time frame. It is also important to know what the beneficiary should do next to avoid complications later.
  • linking technology:
Unlike the past that most procedure required to be followed up through papers and files many insurance policies today require a person to have some computer knowledge if possible. Even if they have non they should locate a family member of friend that is computer literate to aid with the e-process follow up. Today many life insurance claims can be followed up on the internet as it has been noted to save time and money, make sure the business has the claim progress trackers which to a great extent help reduce claim delays.
Most of the other procedures are followed up by the company themselves but it is important to understand that computerization has made the process simpler. One must be able to now how to use the tracking method so as to avoid major delays that could crop up if one had to follow up the old fashion methods of processing claims.
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