Unbelievable Concepts you will see that Shape the Future

Science and technology are working on many factors behind the scenes. This can offer practical solutions to pressing issues. It can offer better products and services and also promote a healthy environment. Some of the concepts in motion may seem unbelievable, but they are going to be part of what shapes our future!

Machine Vision

MIT research in the area of artificial intelligence continues to move forward. AI is often used as a means of predicting the behavior of humans too regarding touch and emotions. As a result, this will allow robots to play a more successful role with humans. They will be able to determine how to react based on body language from people around them. They may be able to work in science sectors or even medical realms.

Insurance for Cyber Hacks

We live in a digital age, where information is all over the World Wide Web. This makes it a common target for hackers. They are known to take very important personal data from businesses and use it for their own gain. It can be very costly to a business when they have been the victim of a cyber hack.

They have to spend money to get new security in place. They have to reach out to customers and let them know what occurred and what has been compromised. In order to do that, they must pay for research to determine the depth of the breach and the information that has been compromised. This can reduce their professionalism in the eyes of consumers, reducing the incoming sales from previous customers.

 It can prevent sales from new customers too because they are worried their information will also be compromised. Policies to prevent future breaches have to be created so this all takes time to recovery from on top of the money involved. Insurance to help offer them some financial help if they are hit with a cyber attack isn’t going to be uncommon. In fact, it may be something you see all businesses doing before long.

Drones used for Surveillance

The use of drones has been controversial as there are those who feel it interferes with their privacy. Yet the use of drones for surveillance may become very commonplace by law enforcement and the military in the new future. There will also be customers in the private sectors hiring those with drones to help them gather information.

There are unlimited possibilities for the use of drones to help make the world safer for everyone. They can be used in airports, along highways, at amusement parks, at concerts, and just about anywhere you can think of. While privacy is still an issue to unravel, the fact that such use can give peace of mind and protect people is encouraging.

Green Highways

The common highways volumes of people drive on every single day have long been blamed for creating negative elements for the environment. The goal is to make those highways green and to create energy when they are used. There are projects that have been on the backburner in both the USA and France. The problems with the proposals if they aren’t efficient and they aren’t durable.

However, this doesn’t mean the idea isn’t going to move forward. There is the possibility something similar to what has been done in China will eventually be the solution. The roads in China are created from a very hard type of concrete, much harder than used anywhere else. Coating them with solar panels that are paper thin, it has been a delightful way to create energy with more than 45,000 vehicles driving over those solar panels every single day.

Flying Modes of Transportation

We have all heard of flying vehicles being in the future, it may not be so far off as many think. There is technology in place working on taxis that will fly. They would be able to travel about 200 miles per hours for a range of up to 60 miles. Many people feel this would be the ideal solution to getting around during rush hour.

Easier Medical Procedures

The concept of smart dust may lead to easier medical procedures, especially endoscopy type ones. This process would result in someone consuming the smart dust and then the technology will allow medical professionals to take a look at your insides using 3-D lenses and screens.

Plastic Trees

Planting more trees to make up for that is being removed for the forests is often promoted. It can take a very long time for a tree to fully grow. Trees help keep the air clean and remove dangerous carbon dioxide from the environment. Plastic trees are being designed that can offer this benefit. They are going to be up to 1,000 times more efficient than a real tree, making this concept very encouraging.